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About this website:

To help you navigate COVID-19 and its impacts on daily life, we have compiled helpful documents and resources, as well as Ontario Conference guidelines.

Please visit this website frequently for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I go to church for regular service?

As per the most recent instruction from the Federal Chief Medical Officer, all gatherings, including church services, are to be suspended until further notice; we will continually keep you updated. For those with the facility to livestream the service, please creatively use this facility. For those without the facility, a list of our churches that offer live streaming is available on the Conference’s website. (These presentations will take place without congregations physically present.) Churches are also encouraged to organize virtual prayer meetings.

What options are available during Sabbath?

While church buildings are closed to the public and members, many churches are live streaming their Sabbath morning service using a variety of technologies to continue having a unified Sabbath service in the spirit of worship. If you are looking for a church to connect to, we have compiled a list of all churches offering a Sabbath digital worship experience.

We also encourage you to reach out to others using any mediums available: a phone call to a shut-in or elderly person, a video call to another member to have worship, a Zoom session with the local youth to discuss the Sabbath School lesson, even a Facebook message to a co-worker or friend with an uplifting quote for inspiration during this distressing time.

We implore you to be creative and to actively use as many digital tools as possible to keep continuing to spread the Gospel!

How can I return my tithe?

You can still return your tithe by using Adventist Giving, an online system that many Ontario Conference churches are signed up for. You can find a full list of churches available on Adventist Giving by clicking here. Alternatively, you can either visit or download the app to your mobile device from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

I need someone to talk to. Who can I contact?

Our Conference ministry leaders are always willing to talk with you! Please click here for a list of all our ministry department leaders.

What are some ways that I can stay safe?

We have compiled a list of resources, advisories, and instructional media that can help you stay safe during this time. You can access the Health Guidelines either by using the menu or by clicking here.

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